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History & Officers

Australian Grape & Wine Incorporated (Australian Grape & Wine) was established in 2019 through the amalgamation of the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) and Australian Vignerons (AV, and formally Wine Grape Growers Australia), for the sole purpose of creating a single united peak industry organisation, representing Australia’s wine grape and wine producers.

Since it’s inception in 1989, WFA has been a strong and highly regarded advocate for the winemakers of Australia, leading and influencing national policy, to create a sustainable and prosperous agro-political environment for wine businesses to prosper.  Equally, AV provided the voice and leadership for Australian grape growers.  However it became increasingly apparent, that the voice for grape and wine producers would be far stronger, if they spoke as one.  That is why on 13 November 2018, members of both WFA and AV voted unanimously to bring the two organisations together, to create Australian Grape & Wine Incorporated.

The corporate governance, organisational structure and Constitution of Grape & Wine, is based on the WFA model, but is now enhanced with the addition of the Vignerons.   Australian Grape & Wine has four membership categories: Small (below 2,000 tonnes), Medium (2,000 -100,000 tonnes) and Large Winemakers (above 100,000 tonnes), and Vignerons (Winegrape producers who do not make or sell wine).  Each membership category is represented by a Membership Committee, and from these committees, four members are elected to serve on the Australian Grape & Wine Board, as Board Directors.


  • Sandy Clark - February 2019 – present

Chief Executive

  • Tony Battaglene - February 2019 - present

Winemakers' Federation of Australia
The Federation of Australian Winemaker Associations was created in 1989 by bringing together  the Australian Wine & Brandy Producers’ Association, the Australian Winemakers’ Forum, and the Wine & Brandy Co-operative Producers’ Association of Australia.

The name changed to the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia in 1990, but the rationale for its existence remained the same. The three antecedent organisations recognised that, no matter how well they represented their constituencies, there was greater advantage in a single and united voice.

Initially, each formed an Electoral College and nominated representatives to the Federation to make decisions on policy and strategic issues on behalf of the whole industry. However, a new structure soon evolved, and state associations now play a vital role.

On 6 December 2006, members voted to further change the Federation’s organisational structure by creating three membership categories: Small (below 2,000 tonnes), Medium (2,000 -100,000 tonnes) and  Large (above 100,000 tonnes).

WFA has always been based in Adelaide, but a Canberra office was opened in December 2002 to support the Federation’s advocacy and government relations activities.

Australian Vignerons
Australian Vignerons is an incorporated association, accountable to members through a representative board and an Annual General Meeting. The organisation is funded by voluntary membership (individual or through state/regional associations) in addition to project funding and grants.

Following a reform process in 2016, the decision was made to change the focus and membership of the grower body formerly known as Wine Grape Growers Australia (WGGA).  While there was conscious effort by all involved in trying to service the needs of growers across the nation, the changing nature of the industry meant that failing to move with the times would compromise the relevance of WGGA.  The change to a trading name of 'Australian Vignerons' for WGGA reflects the realisation that the end product growers are producing relates to wine, not just fruit, and that many growers are now making and selling their own wine as well as growing wine grapes.