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Vision & Role

As the peak national grape & wine industry body, Australian Grape and Wine Inc (Australian Grape & Wine) will lead and represent the industry’s interests by: 

-          promoting united positions, in support of, and backed by a diverse industry;

-          developing and implementing strategy to support the industry

-          maintaining and building our capability to respond to a wide range of issues; and

-          strongly advocating policy positions for the long-term sustainability of the industry.

Our vision is to: Lead and represent a united, sustainable, dynamic and internationally renowned Australian wine industry.

Our mission is to: create a political, social and regulatory environment across the production and supply chain that facilitates:

  • profitable and sustainable wine businesses, and
  • vibrant rural and regional communities.

Australian Grape & Wine advise and collaborate with the Australian Government statutory authority Wine Australia. However we are not-for-profit and funded by our members through voluntary levies.  We do not receive any compulsory levies wine businesses pay to Wine Australia. 

We also work closely with State and Regional wine industry organisations to ensure a coordinated approach and avoid duplication with issues and policy.

Among other activities we:

  • Coordinate campaigns and advocacy work around issues such as tax, market access, biosecurity, health and responsible consumption of alcohol and labeling requirements


  • Maintain a full-time Canberra office, meet regularly with political and departmental leaders and make regular submissions and presentations on the industry’s behalf


  • Represent the industry at major international forums, build relationships with regulators in key markets, and work to change laws and attitudes that unfairly impinge on market access for Australian winegrape and wine producers


  • Provide input, via our committees, on wine production to Food Standards Australia New Zealand and manage packaging issues that could damage the industry’s reputation by creating problems related to trade regulations, standards, costs or education


  • Provide leadership to ensure the sector's interests are understood when national decisions are made around biosecurity and plant health


As a membership organisation, Australian Grape & Wine takes its authority from the Associations Incorporations Act, 1985 (SA). Our Constitution is derived from that Act.