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Alcohol & Health

Australian Grape & Wine believes wine should be enjoyed in moderation and that wine companies must encourage and promote responsible consumption. However, we strongly reject increasingly strident rhetoric from interest groups seeking to deny wine’s legitimate and accepted place in modern society.

Health Labelling
On 11 October 2018, the Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation, agreed to introduce mandatory pregnancy warning labelling for alcoholic beverages as soon as possible.  The new labelling standard will be in the form of a mandated pictogram and warning statement, and the process of designing the standard will be led by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

Australian Grape & Wine is actively engaged in working with federal, state and territory governments, FSANZ and other peak bodies of the alcoholic beverages industry, to encourage a transition that minimises the impact of this change on Australian wine businesses, while meeting the expectations of the ministerial forum.


Download Drinkwise Pregnancy Warning Labels

National Alcohol Strategy

Australian Grape & Wine strongly supports the overall aim of the Draft NAS, focussing on reducing harmful consumption.  But WFA disagrees with some of the suggested actions to achieve that aim.  In particular, those that rely on population-wide measures e.g. taxation, rather than evidence-driven and targeted solutions.  See our NAS Submission outlining our position on the Draft NAS.

Australian Grape & Wine continues to advocate for, and encourages the responsible consumption of alcohol, while preventing increased restrictions and regulations on the sale of Australian wine products. 

Responsible Winery Initiative

A comprehensive Responsible Winery Initiative includes actions wineries should take to ensure their marketing, packaging and cellar door operations meet community and government expectations. It incorporates a specific Pregnancy Labelling Initiative.

Other Resources

The wine industry also:

  • helps fund the operations of DrinkWise Australia, which runs national information and education campaigns designed to change Australia’s drinking culture
  • helps fund and manage the Alcohol Beverage Advertising Code (ABAC) which, with Government support, provides advertising guidelines and a pre-vetting service to industry and adjudicates on public complaints about alcohol advertising
  • runs the National Wine Foundation, which funds projects that address social problems which can lead to alcohol abuse.