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China anti-dumping investigation on wines from Australia


China has initiated anti-dumping and countervailing duties investigations on Australian wine in China.

Australian Grape & Wine and Wine Australia are working in close collaboration with the Australian Government to monitor and support the sectors’ interests in this investigation.

Australian Grape & Wine will provide updates for the Australian wine sector throughout this process:


Investigation Documents

Application of the Chinese Wine Industry for Countervailing Duty Investigation on Australian Wine

Wine Producer Anti-Dumping Questionnaire (English)

Wine Producers Countervailing Duties Questionnaire (English)

Government Countervailing Duties Questionnaire  (English)

Sample Anti-Dumping Questionnaire - English  (Australian Barley Investigation)

Sample Anti-Dumping Questionnaire  - Chinese  (Australian Barley Investigation) 

Preliminary Ruling of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China on Anti-Dumping Investigation into Relevant Imported Wines Originating in Australia

Response to Preliminary Determination - AGW (English)

Response to Preliminary Determination - Non-selected Exporters (English)

Submission to MOFCOM - Particular Market Situation and Normal Value (English)




Submission, scope of investigation (English) – 7 September 2020

Supplementary submission scope of investigation (English) – 9 September 2020

Letter to Case manager (English) – 10 September 2020




Industry Information 

Industry Update - 1 October 2020

Anti-dumping and Countervailing Investigation: Timeline - September 2020 

Industry Update - 22 September 2020

Key Messages - 31 August 2020

Frequently Asked Questions - 31 August 2020

Industry Briefing - 21 August 2020

Update for Exporters - 27 August 2020



Media Statements 

Media Release - Australia’s wine sector disappointed by China’s anti-dumping tariffs on Australian wine imports - 27 November 2020

Industry Update - 1 October 2020

Media Statement - 31 August 2020 (English) 

Media Statement - 31 August 2020 (Chinese) 

Media Statement - 18 August 2020